Why Get A Rifle Scope With Built In Rangefinder?

Rifle Scope With Built In Rangefinder

In the world of hunting range finders, Rifle Scope With Built In Rangefinder are a relatively small and not inexpensive category. Similar to range finder binoculars, range finder rifle scopes are about combining two necessary pieces of sport optics so that you only need to carry one.

Not every hunter needs a Rifle Scope with Built in Range Finder

Admittedly, this isn’t for the hunter who needs a range finder for multiple uses like bow hunting. The one exception may be crossbow hunting, where you can mount a rifle-style scope and may not want to take your eyes off the target or move around too much. Of course, you really don’t want to be waving around your rifle just to use the scope range finder on the golf course. While you certainly can use it for shotgun slug hunting or rifle hunting when the typical shot is relatively close in, it strikes me as a bit of overkill. But if you want to have one for that, go for it!

But if you’re hunting over longer ranges, such as prairie dogs or antelope in the open areas out west or anywhere else where a scope will be necessary anyway, then you may want to consider a built-in range finder. While the initial price tag is a bit of a shock, remember that this unit will replace two things. A quality scope by itself isn’t cheap; when you add in the cost of a similarly high-quality range finder, the combination isn’t quite as bad.

A choice of convenience vs. versatility and cost

Clearly, the convenience of not having to carry yet another gadget that can get lost has its advantages. And when you’re lined up on that bull elk coming over the ridge, do you really want to take your eyes and hands off to fumble into your coat pocket for your range finder?

The tradeoff to that convenience is versatility and cost. Obviously, your range finder can only go and work with your rifle, unless you plan on detaching your scope. This is a specialty item for a specialty purpose.


But if you fit the profile, it can be a great product. Most models have wireless or other remote triggers so that you can range without taking your eyes off the scope. Most also have bullet-drop compensation technology (for example, the Burris Eliminator has nearly 600 factory pre-loaded cartridge specs to deliver automatic bullet-drop compensation numbers).

Oh, and one more thing – a BIG thing


Be sure to check your State, County, and City laws for restrictions before ordering this product. Also, generally these cannot be exported out of the United States without prior approval of the US Department of State or Commerce.


Why Get A Rifle Scope With A Range Finder Built In?unrated2011-04-25 00:21:37Is a rifle scope range finder worth it?
In the world of hunting range finders, rifle scope range finders are a relatively small and not inexpensive …

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