Bushnell Fusion 1600 ARC Rangefinder Binoculars: Two Tools In One 2020

Bushnell Fusion 1600 Arc Rangefinder Binoculars Reviews

The Bushnell Fusion 1600 Rangefinding Binoculars delivers a good combination unit, especially for the price. You’ll get both a very good pair of binoculars and a very good rangefinder.

Users that need the absolute top performance in both binocular and range finder may want to consider separate units, even though the combined cost may be more, but these will more than do the job for the vast majority of hunters

If you only want to carry one piece of gear and your budget is under four figures, the Fusion 1600 is pretty much the only game in town.

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Angle Mode
PriceCheck on Amazon
Max Range1600 yds
Weight31 oz

Bushnell Fusion 1600 Rangefinder Binoculars Review

Bushnell is one of the leading makers of sporting optics, including binoculars and range finders for a wide variety of users. It’s no surprise then that they would offer a combination of both, in a relatively affordable package about in line with the cost of buying mid-range units of both separately.

It’s an attractive idea, combining two vital pieces of equipment into one product. It’s a similar idea to having a range finder rifle scope. They’re both hunting optics devices, why not? And for the most part, it does. It’s not a clear cut decision, though.

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Full-featured for pretty much any situation

The Fusion 1600 is designed with virtually every hunter in mind, with features that will appeal to bow hunters, rifle hunters, long-range varmint hunters, and everyone in-between. It has enough range for anyone not using a .50 cal, separate bow and rifle modes to ‘do the math’ on angled shots or bullet drop, and the ability to both scan and prioritize.

Plenty of hunters carry binoculars, and frankly, many of those who aren’t probably should. Details like a bedded-down deer can pop out in your specs that you would never see with the naked eye. And while nearly all stand-alone rangefinders include magnification, two eyes are better than one.

As described on the range finder binoculars page, there are certainly trade-offs, but if you’ve decided that the convenience is worth it to you, then the Bushnell is a very good choice to combine mid-range binoculars with a very versatile range finder, and pretty much the only choice under four figures.

Features of the Fusion 1600:

  • Rated range from 10 to 1600 yards
  • Bow mode: provides line-of-sight, angle and true horizontal distance from 10-99 yds
  • Rifle mode: provides line-of-sight, angle, and bullet-drop info for most of today’s popular calibers
  • VSI (Variable Sight-In) allows sight-in distance options of 100, 150, 200 or 300 yards sight-in distance in rifle mode
  • Continuous scan and prioritization modes to go with the first return or distant returns
  • 10x magnification with a bright 42 mm objective lens
  • Multicoated optics and RainGuard (R) lens coating for maximum performance
  • Uses 1 CR2 lithium battery for long life
  • Accurate within 1 yard


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The optics aren’t what you would find in a top of the line set of binos, but they don’t carry a top of the line price, at least when you throw in the range finder. Speaking of that, the features included can compete with nearly any on the market.


An actual user puts it through the paces: (Video)

his quite detailed review does touch on two of the few criticisms that a couple of users have noted. Some have detected a slightly bluish tint, though it doesn’t appear in any way to be a hindrance. And they aren’t the lightest of range finders.


Also, the range info is displayed in an orange font, which is fabulous under low light conditions but some users have noted that it can be hard to see under very bright conditions against light colored backgrounds. Can’t please everyone, I guess. It should be noted that very few reviews brought that up.


As the infomercials say, But Wait! There’s More! (Video)

Testing out the Fusion 1600 in the field. Check it out:

Bushnell Laser Rangefinder Riflescope

While you may not be able to achieve maximum range on all animals every time, getting a good reading OVER 1600 yards on a dark animal like a black cow is pretty impressive.


Things that are great about it:
  • Solid Bushnell optics at a reasonable price
  • Full-featured for nearly any hunting or outdoors situation
  • Eliminates the need to carry a stand-alone rangefinder
  • Variable Sight-In lets you adjust your zero to a wide range of distances
  • Rated for very long range – and actually performs to it
Things that could be better:
  • Some users detect a slightly bluish tint
  • At 31 oz, somewhat heavy
  • 10x magnification may be too much for some users


Admittedly, you give up a bit of versatility when you go with any combination unit. But if the convenience of having one less thing to carry in the field appeals to you, then this may be a fine choice. It may not get the rave reviews that the Leica Geovid rangefinder binoculars get, but it’s nearly a third of the price.

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While there are naturally some compromises in selecting any combination, there are advantages as well. The Bushnell Fusion 1600 Rangefinder Binoculars deliver a solid, full-featured combo that will appeal to hunters and outdoors enthusiasts of all types. The optics may not wow you, but they almost assuredly won’t’ disappoint.

The Fusion 1600 combines a very good mid-range binocular with a high-end range finder. If a combo fits your needs, it’s hard to beat this without paying nearly three times the price.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please check your State, County, and City laws for restrictions before ordering this product.

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