Stowabike 20 Folding City V3 Compact Foldable Bike Review 2020 | Best Inexpensive Folding Bike Under 100 and 200!

Stowabike 20 Folding City V3 Compact Foldable Bike Review


Read Stowabike 20 Folding City V3 Compact Foldable Bike Review to find a comprehensive overview regarding the Stowabike 20 folding city v3 compact foldable Bike and also determine what makes it special.

If you are one of those individuals who are extremely fond of riding bikes then the stowabike 20 folding city v3 compact foldable bike 6 speed shimano gears is an excellent option for you. Despite being an entry-level bike, the Stowabike offers exceptional features. It is one of the best 20 Folding Bike.

In case you need a bike that is easy and convenient to ride as well as affordable then the Stowabike is definitely one of the finest options available in the market today. It features six unique gears that further aid you during activities such as hill climbing and speed riding. Although the bike is a bit on the bulkier side, it can be quickly folded in just about twenty seconds. Weighing around 351 bs, the bike has been designed keeping the hustle and bustle of the city in mind. The 20 inches steel folding frame of the bike makes it quite sturdy and durable. The Stowabike also features Microshift 6 speed and an easily adjustable seat that can be fit as per the height and convenience of the rider. The bike also encompasses a steel rack and mudguard. The bike can carry around 280 lbs of weight and is ideal for rough terrains and hill climbing.


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With the Stowabike Folding City Compact bike, you won’t have to worry about things like adjusting the shifts or the handlebars. While the shifts can be easily adjusted to operate smoothly, the handlebars can be conveniently removed and stored. The bike also comes with highly efficient brakes, which allows the rider to ride the bike safely and at higher speeds. Despite being small in size, the bike has some of the finest aesthetics. According to reviews on our site, the bike is extremely versatile and can also be driven by kids. Yet another reason why the bike is an excellent choice for people who are searching for a cost-effective and long-lasting option is that it is backed by excellent customer support services. In case of any damage or issues, the manufacturer replaces the affected parts.


Stowabike 20 Folding City V3 Compact Foldable Bike Review

quickly and without any further questioning. The bike can be easily driven amidst traffic and is perfect for travelers who emphasize on fitness and exercise. Bikers also love the Stowabike because it can be easily folded and does not take much storage space. It features a wide seat, which makes it ideal for even obese and overweight individuals. Stowabike 20 Folding City V3 Compact Foldable Bike Review.

The Good

• The Stowabike features aesthetic design.

• It is perfect for tall and overweight people.

• The bike is easy to manage and excellent for rough terrains.

• It is an extremely light-weight bike that can be easily folded and stored.

The Bad

• The handlebars cannot be folded easily.

• The Stowabike is slightly sluggish on paved roads.

• The materials used for designing the bike are cheap and the components are not

really sturdy.





The Final Verdict

The Stowabike is a great bike for people who are looking to purchase a decent and aesthetic bike at an affordable price range. The bike offers good enough functionality and delivers excellent performance on rough and difficult terrains. In fact, those residing in condos can easily fold the bike and store it in a compact space. The bike has every other feature, which makes it perfect for riding within the city. Although the bike is slightly bulky, it is a good option for people who do not wish to spend a lot on a bike and yet enjoy riding. So, if you are one of those persons who are extremely fond of bike riding then invest in the Stowabike is undoubtedly one of the best options for you. I hope you would like the Stowabike 20 Folding City V3 Compact Foldable Bike Review.

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Folding Mountain Bikes – The future of offroad riding

If you’re riding off road and hitting dirt trails, breathe easy, we’ve got you covered. Folding mountain bikes are becoming increasingly popular with both off-road and extreme environment riders as they offer a number of features that traditional mountain bikes just can’t match.

Think about this for a second. How difficult is it to carry a mountain bike? They’re cumbersome heavy bicycles and hiking through difficult terrain while carrying one is certainly not our idea of having fun. With a folding mountain bike you can go off the trail with no problems, simply collapse the bike and either attach it like a backpack or carry it one handed to your next trail ride.


Transport isn’t a problem either as these bikes fold down to almost nothing and eliminating the need for expensive bike racks. Heck, you could even catch a bus or train out to your ride.

Here’s a quick rundown of our best folding mountain bikes. At this stage, we only recommend with confidence these following models of fold up mountain bike.

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Quick Tips On Choosing The Right Folding Mountain Bike For Your Needs

What Size Are The Wheels? Make Sure They’re 26″.

Most folding bikes have 16″ or 20″ inch wheels. Forget those, they’re not designed for off-road riding and certainly not for tough terrain. Checking the wheel size is the very first thing you should do, you’re after the larger 26″ wheel. This size will power you through mud, sand and wet conditions with a longer wheel rotation time.

Make Sure The Folding Mechanism Is Quick And Effortless

You definitely want a mountain bike that is quick and easy to fold. Most modern designs have very simple folding mechanisms that can be completed in under 30 seconds. No folding mountain bikes reviewed on this page will give you any trouble in that department and all can be completed without the need for a tool to be used.

Check How Compact The Bike Is For Transporting

This makes sense. The more compact the bike is when folded the easier it is to carry. Given that foldable mountain bikes are larger than normal folding bikes they won’t be as compact but you’ll find most models collapse down nice and snug, we haven’t included any poor folders in our reviews as that to us is a big red flag. All the bikes we show you will fit in your car and are suitable for hauling off trail b hand or on your back.

Check The Suspension

make sure the suspension is up to the job! You’ll be riding on rough uneven terrain so good suspension is essential for a smooth enjoyable ride.

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5 Ways To Get More Out Of Your Mountain Biking Experience

Mountain biking is certainly an enjoyable and exciting form of exercise. It provides you with an opportunity to be outside in the fresh air instead of stuck inside a stuffy, sweaty gym. Perhaps the best part is the fact that you can simply grab your bike and start exploring any off-road trail in your area.

You don’t even need to be in the mountains. Flat dirt surfaces through the woods and small hills also provide for good times. You can enjoy the scenic views and have a boatload of fun while burning off those unwanted calories. Mountain biking certainly is a win-win situation. If you happen to own a folding mountain bike then you do not even need to attach a bike rack to your vehicle. Simply throw it in the backseat or trunk and let the fun begin. That being said, there are some other things you should consider in order to make mountain biking a more enjoyable experience.

1. Take The Time To Properly Maintain Your Mountain Bike

Much like any mechanical machine your mountain bike requires the proper maintenance in order to work properly. It only takes a few minutes and just very well may save you from a long hike back to your vehicle, or worse yet a serious injury. Many riders simply do not have the mechanical ability to fix their bikes. However, recognizing the situation prior to a riding session will provide you with the opportunity to bring it to a bike repair shop. After each ride or before the next one, you should inspect your bike carefully for any parts or pieces that look cracked, broken, or worn out. Something as simple as that may save you from a real problem down the road.


2.Ride Your Mountain Bike As Much As Possible

Even if you are an experienced mountain bike rider the more you ride the better you will become. Remember the old saying practice makes perfect. If you do not have the time to set aside for an off-road trail ride than you can use your bike around town. Your skills will most definitely sharpen from jumping curbs, and dodging those pesky potholes. Another bonus is that riding your bike will save gas money.

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3.Perfect The Wheelie

Wheelies are more than fun tricks that impress the neighborhood kids. They are actually extremely useful when riding on rough and tumble surfaces. If there is an object in your path, simply pop a wheelie. That way your tire will avoid hitting things that can wipe you out such as large tree roots, branches, and rocks to name a few. If you do not know how to pop a wheelie it is fairly easy. One pedal should be up while the other is down. Pull up on the handlebars while shifting your weight onto the back wheel, and pushing down on the pedal that is in the upward position. Try it a few times. Before you know it popping a wheelie will feel completely natural.

4.Fall Properly

No matter how much or little experience you have everyone falls off of their bike at some point, even the professional riders. Although the sensation of falling can evoke panic, it is extremely important to fall properly in order to avoid or at least minimize injury. Do not reach out to brace yourself during a fall, do just the opposite and keep your arms in. If you follow your instinct to reach out it can result in broken arms and or wrists. After the crash dust yourself off, check for damage to the bike and yourself, take care of any cuts and scrapes, and get back on that bike.

5.Know Your Limits

Much like skiing, mountain biking is an excellent outdoor physical activity that provides hours of fun. That being said in both sports you need to know your limits in order to avoid the high probability of serious injury. It is a great idea to challenge yourself, but that is a far cry from going above and beyond your capabilities and limits. You need to be reasonable. For example, if the trail is too steep for your comfort level, or you are in an area that is just too difficult to ride on then get off your bike, pick it up, and start walking. Other mountain bike riders will respect you far more than if you sustain an injury because you pushed it too far.

In conclusion, mountain biking is an incredible sport that provides you with a great way to exercise outside in the fresh air, and onto some of the most scenic areas of your local community. However, it does not take much to ruin your good times. If you follow the advice as listed above it will greatly decrease the chances of spoiling the fun. Always keep in mind that your safety is the most important piece of the puzzle.


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Bicycle History – Who invented the Bicycle?

Wikipedia is a really good website. I don’t think a single day goes past without me looking at it. Today I was looking at Wikipedia and thought I would learn about the history of bikes. Bikes have been around for a long time but who invented the bicycle? Well, it seems that from my research it depends on your definition of a bicycle. I have always heard that the bicycle was invented in England, but again it depends on your definition of invented. Technically there is some slight evidence that Egyptians were riding around on some bike like contraptions but from the Wikipedia article on the bicycle was invented by a German.

The mastermind of the invention of the bicycle was Karl von Drais, but again his bike doesn’t look really that good. From the bicycle evolution timeline, it looks like the bikes went downhill from there until the English refined it. This is the real bicycle that we know today. Although the geometry of the bike is off a bit it looks like it would be a better ride than any before its time. My Grandad actually had an old post man’s bike which he rode about. I was always too small to ride it but I believe it was from the 1920s or so.

Anway back to the topic “Who Invented the Bicycle?”. It’s up for debate if you ask me. My opinion is that the Year the Bicycle was invented was 1818 and that the inventor was in fact, German. The Scots took a look at it and made it more like a train “the flying Scotsman“. The French Frenched it up a little bit by making it more of a fashion accessory than anything practical. Then the English got their hands on it and refined it. The bicycle timeline is a bit off, I think that they missed a lot of the bikes in between and the United States wrongly gets credit for the more modern forms of bikes.

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Cycling Climbing Tips and Technique

Building custom bike racks and cycling go great together. One good thing about both is the more you do them the better you become and the better information you can pass along. Since I have built quite a few bike racks if you are looking to make a bike rack then you’ve come to the right place. Check out the category links to the right of this page to check out information on all types of bike racks. Cycling Climbing Tips is the topic of this post and like building bike racks by taking someone’s ideas, adding to them and trying new things you can come up with some really neat ideas.

Cycling climbing is the act of climbing a hill on a bicycle. It can be a lot of fun and a good work out. Basically, you get on your bike and ride up a big hill, the steeper and longer the better. You can also ride down the hill and then back up it, or find a route with the biggest hills. Start at the bottom work your way to the top, then roll back down. Its pretty self is explanatory. I read an interesting article at coachlevi’s blog about 3 mistakes that cyclists make: I have other tips or techniques that should be added to this list.

Don’t climb the same hill in the same pattern over and over. I do this and it becomes very easy. Once you are used to a hill you pretty much know what you have to do to get to the top as quickly as possible. If you are training for a race or are just wanting to go up hills faster than your local posers vary your ride a bit. Find bigger hills. Hit the climbs that you normally do after riding up bigger hills.

Push your self up while climbing. Don’t push your self too far, and know when to stop or let back but every time I seem to push my self the next time it seems easier.

Use a harder gear for longer. Trying to maintain your speed up the hill. Don’t wear your self out by 1/2 of the way on the climb. This will make cycling the last 50% of the hill less enjoyable.

Get a heart rate monitor and monitor your heart rate. A good Garmin GPS designed for Cycling will also help you on your future climbs. Take a look at my GPS Para Bike Article for more information on the best cycling GPS available.

Well, I hope these tips along with coach Levi’s help you become a better cyclist. Feel free to comment if you wish to add any more to my list.

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Cycling, Racing. Cycling Racing!

Cycling is a fun sport. Racing is also a fun sport. Why not try cycling racing? It’s a good way to stay in shape by training and also make some new friends that have similar interests such as cycling!

I think that I would probably enjoy Cycling Racing, Cycling is one of my hobbies but I don’t know where to start! I mean, I’ve looked and ridden around for a while but I don’t think that I could compete in a Cycle Racing Ride. I guess I will start off with some sponsored rides to help charities and then move on from there. The thing is, I really do not like to fall off my bike and it seems that every time I watch a Cycling Race Cyclists fall off. What is up with that? I know the adrenaline is pumping through their veins, but come on! it’s a Cycling Race, get to the hospital get patched up. There will be another cycling race sometime.

Anyhow, that’s enough of a rant for now. I am looking forward to doing some Cycling Racing and Cycling in the meantime!

Awesome Free Bicycle Repair Manuals

I can’t believe that I’ve never come across the Park Tools repair site before. After making my post about bicycle repair tool kits the other days, I think it goes hand in hand that I share two awesome free bicycle repair manual sites with you. Sheldon Browns ( which you’ve undoubtedly come across before if you’ve ever searched for how to repair your bike is a great one and another good one is Park Tools ( Its really easy to navigate and figure out how to fix whatever could be wrong with your bike from an untrue wheel to a broken derailleur. It’s not quite as in-depth as Sheldon Browns but it has a great amount of information in it and its easier to navigate. Park tools are obviously going to plug their own tools, whereas Sheldon’s would recommend all sorts of bike tools and often alternative bike tools and homemade bicycle tools. Truth is, doesn’t matter where you get your tools from, as long as you have a decent bicycle repair tool set and can find what’s wrong with your bike then you can fix it your self and save some money.


Bike Rack for Christmas

Now is a good time to think about buying a bike rack for a Christmas present for your beloved biker. This post will guide you in buying one that your biker will enjoy.

When looking at bike racks, it is important not to buy the cheapest one. The last thing you want is bikes falling off, or one that is hard to mount. You have to take into consideration a few things.

The Type of Bikes

If you plan on carrying full suspension bikes, a ride on type also known as a platform is a good choice. Roof racks are also good if you don’t mind lifting them on top of the vehicle. Some Women’s bikes are also hard to mount on racks with large supports, so take that into consideration too. For normal mountain, road or comfort bikes a normal “prong” type bike rack will work just fine.

The Number of Bikes

Just because you only have one or two bikes it doesn’t mean you’ll only want a two bike rack. Sometimes it’s nice to be able to transport more bikes for other riders that may tag along. I’d recommend at least a four bike rack. If however you have a convertible with two seats and that is the only car that would be carrying bikes, a two bike rack will be fine.

Type of Mount

Perhaps the most important part of buying a rack is the way it attaches to the vehicle. There are a few options.

First is trunk mount, these mount to the trunk by straps and pads. They are a good choice if you want to move between cars (the Saris Bones is good at this) but can be hard to put on and take off.

Hitch mount bike racks are great if you have a hitch on a vehicle. Good brands for hitch mount are Thule and Yakima although a little more expensive they’re guaranteed to last and both manufacturers stand by their products. They are the tried and true bike racks. There are two sizes for hitches, the 2″ is better than a 1-1/4″ as they give more support to the frame.

Roof Rack bike racks are possibly the most expensive unless you have a roof rack already. You can buy the trays for about $100-$150 each and they fit directly to the crossbars. I personally would only go with a roof rack system if that was my only choice.

Truck bed racks can be purchased if you own a truck, they come either as a bar that fits in the bed or as little mounts that can be bolted to the floor. Both are great choices for trucks, depending on how you want to mount them.

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