Leica Geovid Rangefinding Binoculars Reviews: 2020 Elite Optics And A Rangefinder Too

The Leica Geovid Range Finder Binoculars combine a top of the line, elite level of binoculars with a solid, advanced finder. The optics are truly phenomenal – and they’d better be for this price, of course.

For those that demand the finest in optics and like the convenience of a quality rangefinder combined as well, and who have the budget to afford it, the Leica Geovid is a top choice.

Angle Mode
Approx Price$2500
Max Range2000 yds
Weight34 oz

Leica Geovid Laser Rangefinder Binoculars Review

If you are willing and able to make the significant investment that these binoculars require, then you don’t want to hear about compromises or settle for anything less than perfect optics. At this level, nothing but the clearest, sparkling optics will do – you’ll use the binoculars part of this much more than the rangefinder part. They have to be the absolute best.

Fortunately for you, the optics on the Leica Geovid are spectacular. They’d better be! There are some inherent tradeoffs when you choose any range finder binocular, but the foundation of it all is a set of world-class premium optics.

Bright and clear – when you need that the most

These binoculars give you a bright and clear sight picture, especially in those pre-dawn and twilight hours when the game may be the most active. And it does that in a very rugged and durable package. The nitrogen-filled optics and electronics are protected with a generous amount of rubber armor surrounding an aluminum die-cast housing.

These binoculars can take whatever you’ll throw at them – they’re even waterproof to 16 feet! Not sure when that will come into play, but nice to know they’re ready should the situation arise.

A high-quality, full-featured rangefinder

Of course, while the superb optics are the core of this fine product, it’s not all there is. After all, there are many top-shelf binoculars. What sets this apart is combining it with a laser rangefinder.

The rangefinder part of this combo is highly advanced, with a ballistics computer built in. It will quickly and accurately provide the true range to the target, of course, but it can do so much more. It comes with Leica’s Advanced Ballistic Compensation (ABC) technology, which combines temperature and air pressure readings with rangefinder data, zeroing distance, and user-defined ballistics curve to calculate ballistic compensation values. It has 12 ballistics curves already built in, but you can customize and store your own with a microSD card. Plus, an in-view LED display allows the observer to view the calculated ABC values without taking their eyes off the visual scene.

If you just want the number, the one true distance and you don’t need the added features, then you won’t be disappointed here. But isn’t it nice to know you don’t have to compromise on those? Clearly, the optics are the star in this marriage, but the rangefinder is equally impressive.

Features of the Leica Geovid Rangefinder Binoculars

  • Rated range to 2000 yards
  • Built-in ballistics computer, with 12 standard profiles and microSD to load your own
  • Nitrogen-filled optics for fog and waterproof performance
  • Rugged rubber armor protecting tough aluminum case
  • World-class optics, performing in low-light and other conditions
  • No bigger than a regular set of binoculars, with the center hinge and center focus knob
  • Multi-layer lens coating for improved contrast and edge-to-edge sharpness
  • LED rangefinder automatically adjusts the display for surrounding light

The Geovid is a world-class, professional-grade set of binoculars with high quality, full-featured rangefinder built in. Admittedly, your average deer hunter may not be the target market for this high-end product. But if you’re a professional guide or going on that hunt of a lifetime for Dall sheep in Alaska, why be penny-wise and pound-foolish? Get a set of high-quality optics that will perform for you no matter what, with a top-notch rangefinder included as well.

A video introduction to the Leica Geovid

Here’s a short spot from Leica showing the Geovid in action and highlighting how easy it is to use these rangefinding binoculars.

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Things that are great about it:
  • World-class Leica quality in a very rugged package
  • Amazing, customizable ballistics computer built-in
  • Eliminates the need to carry a stand-alone rangefinder
  • The high optical performance in low-light and other conditions
  • Long-range performance out to 2000 yards
  • A top-notch set of binoculars with outstanding optics
Things that could be better:
  • A bit heavy at 34 oz
  • Admittedly pricey – but delivers for that price

Again, the binoculars side of the house is the primary reason to get this unit. If you just need a good set of binoculars and/or want a full-featured rangefinder for most common hunting situations, consider the less expensive Bushnell Fusion 1600 rangefinder binoculars. But if you need or just want premium, world-class optics, and a rangefinder as well, then the Leica Geovid is a top-notch choice.



The Leica Geovid is a top-notch choice for those who demand and are able to have the best. It is a successful marriage of a premium set of bright, clear binoculars with a fantastic laser rangefinder. It certainly doesn’t come cheap – but if you need the very best in optics and the convenience of a high-quality built-in rangefinder, then the Leica Geovid is a great choice.

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