DXRacer Racing series review- 2020 Not the chair you need but the chair you desire

DXRacer Racing series review


I never thought that I would do a review for a chair but the DXRacer Racing series Review is just too good not to be shared.

90% of office users sit on chairs that have little to no back support and as a result, often suffer from back pains or injuries that can last a long time if not treated. I remember when I was looking for a chair but was only willing to fork out USD 150-200 dollars. My requirements were fairly simple and were as stated below:

  • Comfortable armrest
  • a comfortable seat which will be able to support for 6 hours of sitting a day
  • able to adjust the tilt for a more comfortable and relaxed position
  • smooth rollers
  • neck support

After some searching online I got what seemed like a fairly decent chair as you can see from the images. It had cushioned armrest, a tilt mechanism up to 30° of decline, some sort of neck support and was made of PU leather. Although it was brandless it looked really good and it felt really comfortable the moment my butt made contact with the chair. The first few months of using the chair was pretty good. The tilt mechanism was working fine and was really comfortable for long use. However, this started to fade about 6 months.

For majority of office chairs, the flaw is mainly in the padding which you sit on. The cheap ones are usually made out of a mixture of sponge and loose foam. They are then glued together with a cloth material. This concoction is usually not really durable and will start to sag after heavy usage and that is what happened to my chair. It no longer had that plush feeling and my tailbone would hurt after sitting for an hour or more. In addition, the tilt mechanism would no longer hold in place and would need adjusting every day in order to hold its position.

To cut my experience short, after much researching and deliberation, I decided to fork out a few extra hundreds to get a DX racer Racing series I have been hearing about online. As a result, I have been blown away by the performance and comfort of the chair and here is my detailed review about the chair.

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DXRacer Racing series review

Build and aesthetics

The DX racer can be easily assembled in 30 minutes though getting an extra pair of hands would help greatly. Carrying the separate pieces will assure you how sturdy the DxRacer really is. The metal frame and the high density foam oozes with quality and it was really a workout assembling the product.  The base is also made from aluminium and comes with plastic covers so you can rest your legs over them in the cold and not have to shriek when your leg touches the ice cold metal. The wheels are made from Pu caster and comes with a wheel lock function/ they roll really smoothly but you might find yourself locking the wheels because of the position they are in. Overall it’s really pleasing to the eye and fits well in any room depending on the colour and design you select. (They have a large collection of designs for each series).

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Where the DxRacer racing series really shines is in the comfort. It uses a high density foam which is only used in higher end chairs and is comfortable to sit on for long hours. You won’t feel the usual sink in feeling after sitting for a long time and the padding gives really good feedback.

The chair also comes with added free accessories such as the neck cushion as well as a back cushion which does a great job of supporting your back and neck. They’re also removable so you can test it out yourself and see what you prefer.

The only qualms I have about the chair was picking the right sizing. Because of the amount of sizes and series, I took quite a while to finally make a decision on the Racing series due to my height of 5’11” and 64kg. The sizing is really important especially because the different series specifically cater to the different body types and a wrong pick might make you feel uncomfortable sitting in the chair. To learn more about how to choose the right seat, do take a look at this guide.

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Probably the most important factor is the pricing. Yes the DXRacer is not a cheap chair at 349 usd for the racing series but for what you get, it’s definitely a bargain. While you might not get an engineering marvel like a Herman Miller, you get a chair that is stylish, extremely comfortable and tailored for long use. Just to reiterate how worth it is. Here is a short comparison with other chairs that I have used

DXRacer Racing seriesNormal chairs
High quality PU leatherPU leather that tears after 6 months of use
135 degrees angle adjuster30 degrees angle adjuster
2” PU casterPVC caster
Neck and back supportnil
Aluminium base with plastic coversPVC base
High density foamMixture of thin layers of foam and sponge
Fully metal frameMixture of wood and metal
Adjustable armrestNon adjustable armrest

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With a base cost of an average chair of about $150. The improvements you get is really staggering. Just from a day of use and you’ll feel the tangible difference.


Although I have only used my DXRacer racing series for about 6 months, It’s easy to predict that this chair will last really long because of its build quality and materials used. The DXRacer is definitely a great solution as well for people with back problems as well as the back and need support forces you to sit in a good posture. It might seem uncomfortable at first but after a week or two you’ll never want to sit in another inferior chair. I no longer have to move my butt around because of the numbness from sitting for long hours and it is also more enjoyable to take a rest in the reclined position. That said, it is important to choose the right size so that you get a chair that is tailored to your needs. Available is also great as there are many resellers around the world that do shipping to your doorstep. Overall an excellent chair that I will share with many of my friends. If you would like to find out anything about the chair do make sure you comment and i will get back to you as soon as I can.

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