Best Lightweight Backpacking Equipment Reviews 2020

Best Lightweight Backpacking Equipment Reviews

Best Lightweight Backpacking Equipment Reviews

 In this article, we will discuss Best Lightweight Backpacking Equipment Reviews. 

Best Lightweight backpacking tent reviews 

I tend to use 2  lightweight tents for my trips based on the length and how exposed the walk is.

Lightweight backpacking tent review: 1

The first is the ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 1-Person Tent. This uses my pacer poles as the tent poles. This makes the poles very strong compared to the normal lightweight poles.

  • Base Size: 2’8 x 7’6,
  • Center Height: 36″,
  • Total Weight: 4 oz., 4 lbs. 
  • Minimum Weight: 8 oz. 3 lbs.,
  • Color: Green and Blue


  • Freestanding, Two Pole Aluminum Design
  • Resists from UV Damage and Water Because of its Polyester fly
  • 8 Zippers, Storage Pocket, and Single Doorway

The poles I use are pictured on the justifying. These have unique grips that allow a lot of weight to be placed on them that no other poles allow.

Go as light as you can in your tent system based on the walk you intend to use. TheLynx1 tent is good for more exposed sites and for windy conditions.

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Lightweight backpacking tent review: 2

Featherstone Outdoor Backpacking  Tent Ultralight 3-Season Camping

This is my tent of choice for most of my walks. 4 Pounds for the total weight. I tend to use the optional inner for more humid conditions that add a little to the weight. This tent is very easy to put up with 2 pegs but more is needed for windy conditions. Lightweight backpacking tent reviews recommend this tent.

  • Actual Weight 4 Pounds, Shipping Weight 6 Pounds
  • 2 Person Sleeping Capacity
  • Totally Waterproof
  • Ripstop Polyester Rainfly
  • Aluminum Stakes 12
  • Reflective Guy Lines


  • spacious enough
  • perfect for couples
  • two doors
  • two vestibules
  • Bathtub Floor Design protects from wet grounds.
  • Prevents Leakage and rain because of Seam Taped Construction

Condensation is an issue on humid hot days. I carry a light sponge and wipeth outer down in the morning. If you really want to overcome this, install the inner.


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Lightweight backpacking pack reviews

Once you get your gear down in weight you do not need an external frame backpacking and bushwalking pack for most walks under 7 days. Having a light sleeping bag, a tent under 1 kg, a light blow up mat you can get your base weight under 5 kgs easily.

Granite Gear Crown VC 60 Backpack Review:

For many years I have used a Granite Gear Crown VC 60 Backpack. This weights 0.96Kg,  it is big enough for 7 days of food.

It does have a good hip belt and is comfortable for over 12kgs as so all the pressure doesn’t go to your shoulders. Its Load capacity is 16KG. I use a pack cover to protect the pack. I used this pack on the Western Arthur’s. It did get some small holes in the sides.


  • Weight: .96 kg 
  • Capacity:  3660 cubic inches| 2lbs 2oz| 60 liters  
  • Suspension: Internal Frame Vapor Current 
  • Load Capacity:  16kg / 35lbs 
  •  Belts are Interchangeable, tool loops, Lineloc compression,
  • It has  many Hydration ports along with internal hydration sleeve
  • Side and front Pockets are stretchable

I suggest purchasing 2 packs, one for short trips and a frame pack for long trips of over 7 days or for trips with a lot of scrubs. The Aarn pack is amazing in that I can walk hard for 8 hours and take it off and have no sore spots at all. You do not have that bend forward feeling with a normal pack too.

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Gregory Multi-Day Hiking Backpack Review:

There are new light packs that have a functional hip belt and a light external frame coming onto the market. Some of these packs are made from Cuben fabric which is lighter than nylon. It uses balance front pockets that really make a difference as well as many other features.

  • Product Dimensions: 31.5 x 19 x 14.5 inches
  • Weight: 5.1 pounds
  • the hip belt that comes with the pack fits size 26-46 adjustable


  • silicone lumbar grip & LifeSpan foam used for Vented back panel
  • For precise fit LifeSpan, foam components are Used 
  • Special Zipper Pocket for Removeable Rain Cover 
  • PU-coated Weather Shield 
  • Accessory pocket for the hip belt 

I like the waterproof nature of the pack and that I can take out a camera or water from the front pockets without taking off the pack.

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Best Backpacking Boots And Runners

This is a personal view but I feel runners are the best thing for backpacking. The reason is weight. My runners weigh about 220 gms and most backpacking boots are 300gms and up.

I find that I can walk about 20% more distance with runners compared to boots for the same effort. I find that the grip is better as you have more feel under your feet. You can also walk through creeks and they dry out in about 30 minutes. Compare this to wet boots.

I went or a walk last month up against a rain-forest creek with a bushwalking club. Most of the walkers had the usual boots and avoided getting their feet wet. I just walked up the shallow creek and was about 30% faster for less effort

Best Backpacking Boots And Runners Choice

My runners of choice are the new balance MT101. They fit like a glove and I love the flexible heel cup. These are light at 220 gms at size 42 and grip rock well. They are not as grippy as in 212s that I have, but have a less flexible sole allowing better scrambling.

I used these up the summit track of Mount Tibrogargan the other day as a test and they worked well. Another advantage is the cost as I picked up some on Amazon for about $60.

Many people think boots provide ankle support and that you will have less chance of twisting your ankle. I believe this is a false view as there is no research that supports this view to date.

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Pacer Poles Carbon Review

I love my pacer carbon poles. The grip is unique and in my opinion, make these poles heaps better than a normal walking pole. I can use a lot more weight descending and ascending hills with these grips. Also, you can use them on the flat and I have found I walk half a k faster.

So there is a huge advantage on steep gradients both ascending and descending. As well as the obvious benefits in terms of reduced strain on the wrists due to the unique molded justify and right handle, the way that the pacer poles fitted into the heel of each hand provided much more stability and push without tiring the arms and shoulders.

Pacer Poles Carbon Review: Descending Hills

I find that on steep downhill sections the ability to push down on the poles, took a lot of weight of my knees leading to an increase of speed and control. I feel this leads to increased safety by reducing the possibility of a slip or fall. The grips allow me to place the tips with a lot more accuracy and control compared to the normal pole grip.

Pacer Poles Carbon Review: Tent Poles

Another advantage of the pacer poles is that they are used in my 2 man pacer backpacking tent. This makes the tent poles much stronger than normal poles in most tents.

The other advantage is that you do not have to carry poles thus reducing the weight of your pack.

The only disadvantage is the weigh of the pacer poles. There are lighter poles available but since I place a lot of weight on my pacer poles I like the increased strength of the poles compared to a light pole.

Try these poles based on my pacer pole carbon review and you will never look back.

Lightweight Backpacking Food Ideas

Based on my personal experience, I need about 700 gms of food a day. This means I have to take dehydrated food to keep the weight down, No tins or fresh food, unfortunately.

Breakfast is usually muesli with added dried milk. Sometimes I take tea or coffee and use dried milk.

Lunch is Ryvita or similar to dried homos and cheese. I find that cheese keeps for up to 10 days.

Dinner is dehydrated based on cos, noodles or I dehydrate a complete meal. I like to have dessert which is usually soaked dried apples or similar and custard.

During the day I have a scroggin based on the usual mix but add ginger and some chocolate.

I weigh each day’s food and pack in individual bags.

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Backpacking Rain Kilt or Skirt

I walk in warm climates with heavy rain and wind. The problem is using over-pants that make me too hot. These make me much too warm when walking.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to buy a light Event parka that comes down over my running shorts.

The Solution Backpacking Rain Kilt or Skirt

The backpacking rain skirt comes over my shorts and is made of super light cuben, I got mine from Zpackes .com. I will let you know how this goes after testing.

Since the skirt is open at the bottom, there is a lot of ventilation compared to over-pants. Note that the cuben is slightly seen through. Best not to go naked!

The weight for the standard length of the backpacking rain skirt is 1.6 oz. Now that is light. You can use it as a mini groundsheet to sit on or as a mat outside your tent.

OneMoment Shoes for Backpacking

I got my one moment shoes for backpacking today. I wanted a lightweight shoe for the end of the day in camp.

I usually use crocs but they are bulky and take up too much room. They weigh half the weight of my crocs at 16 0gmsa and fold up.

The weight I lost I can now carry a light

Backpacking Umbrella

I love to use my backpacking umbrella walking. The biggest advantage is that you do not get hot like wearing a parka. I also love using an umbrella walking when the temperature is high in my local area.

You can enjoy walking when it is hot using an umbrella instead of overheating using a hat. You might look a bit strange but the comfort is so much better.

One tip is to use a rescue blanket and cut and use rubber bands to hold it above and on the umbrella. This will reflect a lot of the heat on those very hot days.

Desert walkers use this tip to make walking a lot more pleasurable.

I feel less enclosed with a parka and hood. It’s a great feeling to be in the rain and not have to wear a parka and the restricted hood.

WARNING Backpacking Umbrella

Do not use a backpacking umbrella in a storm. Lightning can run down the metal shaft. Best to get a shaft that is not metal.